hovering in obsidian

nineteen. uni student, computer tech, professional realist -- honestly, i'll shit on your parade. my dad's just black and my mom's just a jap, so i'm just a mutt.

be forewarned that i maintain the right to reblog and post whatever the fuck i want anything that i feel like.

inspirit vip blackjack bbc hottest ½cassie.

i stan myung soo, exok's lay, top, kwon yuri, j.cole and joel edgerton.

aaand however irrational it may seem, i am a hardcore fack shipper, but i like cloti too.



Look at E.via with your Rain oppa…..she’ll rub her perviness off on him

(She rubbed it off on me, I know that ;] )


But why?

(via anunderwaterkiss)

this coloring @)___(@